Composite Products offers high-end, carbon fiber, composite and acrylic stereo anti-vibration racks that isolate and dissipate vibration and allow you to get the optimum performance from your stereo and stereo componentsComposite Products, LLC
Composite Products, LLC - CF-3000 Anti-Vibration Racks  

There is no better proof that our anti-vibration products improve the sound/picture quality of your high-end Audio/Video installation than to hear/see it for yourself in your home. So, in order for you to experience our innovative products we will lend you certain easy to install products for home testing for two weeks. We'll even pay for the initial shipping costs! All you have to do is install and test the products promptly.

Within two weeks you may do one of the following:
  1. Return the product (at your cost) in the original packaging for any reason.

  2. Purchase the demo product at a discounted price.

  3. Order a new equivalent product and return the demo products in their original packaging (at our cost).
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